On The Go Mom Box was created to inspire, motivate and encourage the modern everyday busy moms all around the world.  Our monthly recurring subscription boxes are catered to moms from all walks of life that are simply trying to juggle it all while being the best mother possible.  And lets not forget trying to keep your sanity while doing so!  Sure a nice vacation or a day away off to the spa or maybe even a good ol' pat on the back all sounds nice but realistically sometimes those things just don't fit into our busy days. On the Go Mom box is "For Moms By Moms."  It's your monthly treat to yourself, your vacation right at home, your relaxing day at the spa and most importantly something that you truly deserve and just for you! Experience the pure joy and excitement month after month from the On The Go Mom box that is full of tips, tricks and wonderful items packaged and delivered straight to your door.  Here at On The Go Mom we're dedicated to making your days a little more easier and much more exciting for all of you busy mamas on the go!  We are all in this together & can‘t wait for you to join the #momsquad💋